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Non-stainless special alloy with high hardness, good wear resistance and very good cutting edge stability Read more..

1.2419.05 is a special melting from the Friedr. Lohmann GmbH. The steel is based on 1.2419 (105WCr2), but has a higher carbon content and is also alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium, which makes it harder and more wear-resistant. The steel achieves high hardness, good wear resistance and very good cutting edge stability in relation to other steels of the same hardness. With the usual cross-sections for knives and the use of a quick quenching oil, this steel achieves a working hardness of up to 66hrc in the area of ​​the cutting edge. 

The steel is in the performance spectrum of the melt-metallurgical steels between 1.2562 and 1.2063. It is less wear-resistant than 1.2562, but offers higher toughness and better cutting edge stability. 

The steel is ideal for wear-resistant kitchen and outdoor knives that are not used for the very rough work, but at the same time should still offer certain toughness reserves. 

The steel can also be used well for the production of performance damascus steel, e.g. in combination with the 1.2767 or 1.5634 and the 1.2510. However, precise temperature control and a low-oxygen atmosphere are necessary. I recommend fire welding with complete exclusion of oxygen.

Available dimensions:



Special Cuts on request


3,6x35x740mm = 870g

3,6x55x740mm = 1180g


Carbon:                     1,3%                    

Tungsten:                  1,3%

Chromium:                 1,0%

Molybdenum:              0,3%

Vanadium:                  0,2%     

Manufacturing method:

Smelting metallurgy

Corrosion resistance:

Not stainless.


Rolled, sandblasted, annealed


The strips are cut with a pair of guillotines and can therefore have minimal warpage, which can, however, be easily straightened.

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