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1.2510 (100MnCrW4 / O1)

1.2510  (100MnCrW4  / O1)
1.2510  (100MnCrW4  / O1)
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Tough-hard tungsten steel for work knives or as dark steel in high performance damascus steel Read more..

1.2510 is a melt metallurgical tool steel. The steel achieves a working hardness of max.63hrc with standard knife cross-sections. The wear resistance is lower than that of higher alloyed melt metallurgical steels such as 1.2063, 1.2419.05 or 1.2562. In return, this steel offers excellent toughness and robustness, which makes it particularly interesting for work knives and similar cutting tools. 

It can be forged without major risks and the heat treatment is unproblematic. 

In the high performance damascus steel, this steel offers clear advantages over the frequently used 1.2842. The 1.2510 can just as easily be conventionally fire-welded and also offers a certain resistance to errors in terms of temperature control. Furthermore, it draws almost as dark in the damascus steel as the 1.2842. However, it has significantly better wear resistance and toughness than 1.2842. That makes it my favorite "dark" steel in high performance damascus steel. In damascus steel, it can be sensibly combined with a variety of other steels.

Available dimensions:




2,8x40x660mm = 570g

2,8x55x660mm = 780g


Carbon:                1,0%                 

Silicon:                  0,3%

Manganese:           1,2%     

Tungsten:              0,7%

Chromium:             0,7%

Vanadium:              0,1%       

Manufacturing method:

Smelting metallurgy

Corrosion resistance:

Not stainless.


Rolled, sandblasted


The material is cut with the guillotine scissors. The pieces can therefore have a minimal amount of warpage, which can, however, be straightened without further ado.

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