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26 cm Gyuto with TNT666

26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
26 cm Gyuto with TNT666
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A strong Userfriendly with an elaborate ornamental damascus steel and a cutting edge made of TNT666 Read more..


The 3-layer blade of this complex gyuto has a core made of the very wear-resistant special alloy TNT666, the side layers consist of a decorative damascus steel made of three different steels and pure nickel in the "Firecracker" pattern.

The geometry corresponds to a strong Userfriendly or a mixture of Userfriendly and Workhorse. In the area of ​​the coil, the knife has a certain wedge effect, the strong taper enables a very high cutting ability, especially in the front half of the blade.

The cutting edge is gently curved over the entire length. The knife is equally suitable for all cutting techniques.

Caution: Due to the use of pure nickel, this knife is not suitable for use by people with nickel allergies.

The handle of this knife is relatively strong. It is therefore less suitable for people with very small hands.

The cutting layer consists of a special melt that was produced exclusively for Achim Wirtz (steel dealer and producer). Several years ago, Achim Wirtz had a small quantity (approx. 80 kg) of this steel produced as a test melt as part of a university project. Since then, a few blades made of this material have occasionally appeared. Now there is a new edition of the former test melt, but this time only 400 kg of the steel were produced. So it remains a highly exclusive material.

TNT666 is an extremely wear-resistant, medium-alloy tool steel with a high level of hardness that can be achieved. Its wear resistance can easily compete with that of 1.2562. The steel forms extremely hard titanium-niobium and tungsten-chromium carbides. At the same time, the total content of the special carbides is still low enough so that fine cutting edges are also possible. A rare material with very good properties.

The material for the cutting edge was forged from a 50 mm thick starting block with a forging start temperature of 900 degrees down to about 12 mm within only one heat.

After the last fire welding at 970 degrees, the starting package with a thickness of approx. 40mm was forged down to approx. 15mm within only one heat with a forging start temperature of 900 degrees and then immediately cooled to below 720 degrees. The subsequent form forging then took place at a maximum of 810 degrees. After each heat, the blank was cooled below 720 degrees. This process creates a very fine-grained matrix and very small and finely divided carbides.

Lenght of edge:


Max. height of the blade:


Thickness of the blade:







20mm before the tip:


Lenght of the handle:





35mm before the handle


Between Userfriendly an Workhorse


No flatspot

Core steel:

TNT666 (1.2443):

C = 1,21 %
P <= 0,01 %
S <= 0,01 %
Si = 0,26 %
Mn = 0,29 %
Cr = 0,27 %
W = 0,62 %
Ti = 0,59 %
Nb = 0,61 %
Intermediate layer:



Damascus steel made of:





Material of the handle:

Grenadilla, stabilized beech, black and white fiber, bronze

Shape of the handle:  Western
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