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Thermodur Scale-X, 1100 °C (2012 °F)

Thermodur Scale-X, 1100 °C (2012 °F)
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Protective coating to reduce scaling and decarburization of workpieces during heat treatment. Read more..


The "Scale-X" anti-cinder coating was developed by the Austrian company Rembrandtin in cooperation with the Austrian knife maker Tobias Hangler. When used properly, the product provides reliable protection against scaling (surface oxidation). It also significantly reduces the risk of carbon loss on the surface of components (decarburization). The level of protection depends on the material, the glow temperature and the holding time. The investigations into protection against edge decarburization are still ongoing, which is why no binding statements can be made at this time.

Scale-X is generally recommended when the workpieces are to have a high surface quality after heat treatment and the risk of hardness loss due to decarburization is to be minimized.

The product is particularly interesting for knife makers who want to grind their blades to their final dimensions as far as possible before hardening.

In addition, the anti-scale coating improves the uniform hardening of workpieces. A layer of scale forms on the surface of workpieces made of low- and medium-alloy tool steels due to the relatively long annealing time during austenitizing. When quenching in quenching oil, this layer of scale can flake off in places and thus isolate the workpiece from the quenching oil. By using Scale-X, the quenching oil comes into uniform contact with the workpiece everywhere and the risk of quenching errors is reduced.  

By filling it in spray cans, the anti-scale paint can be applied quickly and evenly to the workpiece. This makes the correct application much easier than if the product were sold in barrels/canisters.  


1. The metal of the workpiece must be clean, dry and free of grease and particles. Hang the workpiece so that all relevant surfaces can be reached by spraying.  

2. Shake the spray can well for approx. 30 seconds. Apply the protective layer about 15 cm apart and evenly cover the surface of the workpiece with a thin layer. For best results you can apply a second thin coat after 10 minutes drying time.  

3. Before placing the workpiece in the oven, the coating must be completely dry. This takes about 15-30 minutes at 25°C. To shorten the drying time, the workpiece can be dried in an oven (or similar) at a maximum of 80 °C.  

4. When quenching in hardening oil, the paint layer falls off by itself. Any remaining paint can be easily removed with a wire brush.  

Caution: Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms!  

Content: 400 ml.

Maximum application temperature: 1100 °C (2012 °F)

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