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Stainless and highly wear-resistant knife steel for the finest cutting edges. Lire plus..


14C28N is a pressure embroidered martensitic corrosion resistant knife steel produced by the Swedish company SANDVIK.

The steel producer SANDVIK has its own division that specializes in the development and production of high-quality stainless steel for knives. The steels are generally considered to be very homogeneous and balanced in terms of their composition.

The 14C28N is an in-house development by SANDVIK, which is manufactured with very high purity and homogeneity.

The 14C28N is a pressure embroidered chrome steel. In addition to the chromium carbides that almost always occur in martensitic chromium steels, this steel also forms highly wear-resistant carbonitrides.

This results in a significantly increased wear resistance compared to 12C27.

Therefore, the focus with this steel is on a combination of high corrosion resistance, high hardness and high wear resistance with good toughness and cutting edge stability at the same time. The steel achieves a very high level of sharpness, but is more difficult to sharpen than 12C27. The pressure cut suitability is good, but is also behind that of the 12C27. While the cutting edge strength is also below that of 12C27, it is above average for a steel of this hardness and wear resistance.

With these properties, the steel is particularly well suited for blades that need to remain sharp for a long time, but at the same time should have certain power reserves.

If a precise cutting technique is used, the steel is also suitable for the finest blade geometries and acute grinding angles.

Available dimensions:






3x40x700mm = 660g

3x60x700mm = 985g

4x40x700mm =

4x60x700mm =


Carbon:                        0,2%                          

Chrome:                       14,0%

Silicon:                          0,2%

Manganese:                   0,6%

Nitrogen:                      0,11%

Manufacturing method:

Smelting metallurgy

Corrosion resistance:



Rolled, precision cold strip


The strips are cut with a pair of guillotines and can therefore have some warpage, which can, however, be easily straightened.

Recommended heat treatment:

Forging: between 950 °C and 1100 °C

Soft anneal: Hold at 850°C for one hour, then controlled cool to 550°C at a maximum of 15°C per hour. remainder furnace cooling. Caution, be sure to protect against oxidation and decarburization.

Preheat: 850-900°C

Austenitizing: 1050 °C

Holding time: 5 min.

Quenching: Oil, cooling time to 600 °C no longer than one minute, cooling time to room temperature no longer than 30 minutes.

Freezing: at least -70 °C

Tempering: 2 times for one hours at 150 - 180 °C with intermediate cooling to room temperature.

Achievable hardness: 59-62 hrc.

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