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27er Workhorse Masame

27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
27er Workhorse Masame
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Ein 27er Workhorse mit einer Schneide aus 1.2562 und einem Griff aus Grenadill Lire plus..


The blade of this knife has a edge made of 1.2562. With its 66hrc working hardness and the very high content of tungsten carbides, the steel has enormous resistance to abrasive wear. In particular, the high hardness and wear resistance combined with good toughness (for a steel of this hardness) characterize this steel. This is particularly noticeable in everyday life because a blade made of 1.2562 keeps its sharpness significantly longer than blades made of softer and less wear-resistant steels.

This knife has a complex workhorse geometry. The blade has a strong taper, which gives you a strong wedge effect at the choil, while the blade becomes slimmer and more slender towards the front. The blade has a "Walkschliff", the convexity of the blade decreases significantly towards the tip.

After the last fire weld at 970 degrees, the initial package with a thickness of about 60mm was forged down within one heat with a forging start temperature of 900 degrees to about 15mm and then immediately cooled to below 720 degrees. The subsequent form forging then took place at a maximum of 810 degrees. After each heat, the blank was cooled to below 720 degrees. This process creates a very fine-grained matrix as well as very small and finely divided carbides.

The damascus steel for the side layers is forged using the "masame" technique. The respective layers are upright.

The cover plate and the pin of the handle are made of self-made bronze, made of copper, nickel, tin and silver.

Schneidenlänge/lenght of edge:


Max. Klingenhöhe/max. height of the blade:


Klingenstärke am Rücken/thickness of the blade:







20mm vor der Spitze/20mm before the tip:


Grifflänge/lenght of the handle:





40mm vor dem Griff/before the handle



Schneidenstahl/core steel:

1.2562, C=1,45%, W= 3,0%, Cr= 0,3%, V= 0,2%, ca. 66hrc

Zwischenlage/intermediate layer:



Damast aus:

Damascus steel made of:

1.2842, C=1,0%, Mn=2,0%, Cr=0,4%

1.2767, C=0,45%, Ni=4,0%, Cr=1,5%

Griffmaterial/material of the handle:

Grenadill, selbst hergestellte Bronze aus Kupfer, Nickel, Zinn und Silber/Grenadill, self-made bronze from copper, nickel, tin, silver.

Griffform/ shape of the handle:


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