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Hematitic iron ore

Hematitic iron ore
Hematitic iron ore
Hematitic iron ore
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1-2 business days

Hematitic iron ore for the production of high-quality steel in the bloomery furnace Lire plus..

1-2 business days

This ore is a haematitic fine ore, which is ideally suited for smelting in the bloomery furnace, especially for the production of high-quality (bloomery) steel. The ore has already been crushed and can be smelted directly in the bloomery furnace without any further pre-treatment. The ore was not chemically processed or concentrated / floated and is extracted with the present composition in open-cast mining. The low content of steel pests enables the production of high-quality steels. The slightly increased silicate content favors the formation of a thin liquid slag, which is essential for the bloomery furnace process. By adding 30-50g of lime per kg of ore, the carburization of the bloom is favored. The addition of soda binds steel pests in the slag and the steel becomes cleaner. The ore can be roasted at temperatures of at least 400 degrees before smelting in order to increase the yield. However, roasting is not necessary for a successful oven trip. 

12 kg of iron ore are sufficient for a smelting with a furnace with the dimensions: lower inner diameter approx. 32 cm, upper inner diameter approx. 28 cm, inner height approx. 100 cm. 

The yield can be up to 40%. With one smelting with 12 kg of ore, up to 4.8 kg of bloomery material can be obtained. 

Attention: The ore is delivered slightly moist. The moisture was taken into account when weighing. The ore does not have to be dried before smelting. The ore also loses weight during roasting, as chemically bound OH groups (crystal water) evaporate. 

On the day of filling 12.65/25,30 kg. Makes 12.05/24,10 kg of dry ore. 

Chemical Analysis: 

SiO2: 8.65% 

Al2O3: 0.68% 

CaO: 0.2% 

MgO: 0.3% 

Mn: 0.088% 

TiO2: 0.055% 

P: 0.038% 

S: <0.002%

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