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Classic "light" steel for the production of damascus steel Read more..

The 1.5634 is next to the 1.2767 the "classic" as a light element for damascus steel production. Depending on the desired properties of the finished Damascus steel, one usually decides on one of the two steels.

The 1.5634 is characterized by the following features:

- Due to the low chromium content, it can easily be conventionally flame welded.

- Due to the relatively high carbon content of 0.75%, compared to the 0.45% of the 1.2767, it is well suited for the production of high-performance damascus steel, since the total carbon content of the finished damascus steel is less reduced.

- With its 2.0% nickel, the 1.6534 draws light silver when etched correctly.    

I can recommend the following damask combinations:

High performance damascus steel:

Very hard and wear-resistant:

- 1.6534 in combination with 1.2562 and possibly 1.2510

- 1.6534 in combination with 1.2063 and possibly 1.2510

- 1.6534 in combination with 1.2419.05 and possibly 1.2510

Hard, tough and wear-resistant:

- 1.5634 in combination with 1.2510

Hard and very tough:

- 1.6534 in combination with 1.2510 and 1.2003

Decoratice damascus steel:

- 1.6534 in combination with 1.2003 and 1.8974 (silver-gray-black)

- 1.6534 in combination with pure nickel, 1.2003 and 1.8974 (light silver-silver-gray-black)  

Available dimensions:




Special cuts on request


2x30x1000mm =

2x40x1000mm =

2x50x1000mm =


Carbon:                        0,75%    

Silicon:                         0,3%

Manganese:                  0,4%              

Nickel:                         2,0%

Chrome:                      0,1%

Molybdenum:                0,1%   

Manufacturing method:

Smelting metallurgy

Corrosion resistance:

Not stainless.


Rolled, sandblasted, annealed


The strips are cut with a pair of guillotines and can therefore have minimal warpage, which can, however, be easily straightened.


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